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We provide comprehensive aircraft maintenance solutions, ranging from scheduled inspections to complete overhauls.

UK CAA Part 145 Helicopter Maintenance

As an CAA Part 145 approved aircraft maintenance organisation, UK Aviation Services specialises in the maintenance and repair of private, corporate and commercially operated helicopters.

The company holds CAA approvals for various Leonardo, Airbus, Bell, MD, Guimbal, Robinson and Sikorsky helicopters as detailed on our CAA 145 Approval Schedule which can be seen here.

BCAR A8-23 Helicopter Maintenance

In addition to the CAA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval, UK Aviation Services is also approved as a BCAR A8-23 Maintenance Organisation to maintain Non-EASA / Annex II aircraft; these include helicopters which have not been accepted by EASA and individual aircraft which have formerly been operated by the military. These helicopters operate on a National Airworthiness review Certificate or National Permit to Fly.

Maintenance of Foreign Registered Aircraft

The professional staff at UK Aviation Services regularly maintain and manage aircraft on the European aircraft registers, American N register and the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry and have experience on many other types including Seychelles, UAE, Bermudan and Cayman Island registers to name a few.

Maintenance of these foreign registered aircraft brings with it many requirements specific to the National Aviation Authorities and applicable to the aircraft registration. Our knowledge and experience means you can have UK Aviation Services manage the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of your helicopter giving you the peace of mind that your aircraft is airworthy and legal to fly.