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New Aircraft

Owning your own aircraft truly makes the world your oyster.

Buying a new aircraft can be one of the biggest purchases an individual or company will ever make. Once the type of aircraft has been decided, the next headache is the choice of options you require whilst keeping the aircraft to a budget and weight suitable for your operation.

UK Aviation Services can help you navigate through the mine field from start to finish, whether you need assistance with contract negotiation or aircraft delivery, our aviation experts can assist.

Used Aircraft

There has never been a better time to buy a second hand aircraft; it is a great buyers market.

Choosing the right aircraft for you is sometimes as simple as ‘I like that one’ but normally it’s more about what you want to do with the aircraft once you have it. UK Aviation Services can help you with the choices you need to make, taking into account your operation and your budget; we can then help you find the aircraft that’s right for you.

Once communication is under way with the vendor, UK Aviation Services can assist with a pre-purchase survey and once the deal is done we can transfer the aircraft from anywhere in the world to your operating base and transfer the aircraft to the register of your choice.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

Buying a new or used aircraft is often the largest single transaction an individual will ever make and doing so without having an independent expert survey of the aircraft and its records sounds ridiculous but it is common place.

A pre-purchase survey gives you the peace of mind that you are purchasing an aircraft that is airworthy and at a suitable standard for the issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness. The survey will also give you an idea of the overall condition of the aircraft and its components. It often also gives you a few areas for price discussions with the vendor.